Artaic Featured in Boston Magazine

Artaic’s stock of mosaic raw materials


Artaic has a wonderful feature article in Boston Magazine this month. Here’s an excerpt:

By creating its own technology to perform some of the most complicated aspects of the creation process, Artaic is breaking the mold that contemporary mosaic-building companies fall back on. “If you go out and open a pizza store, you go out and buy an oven. But we designed and built our own custom oven, and it’s faster, better, cheaper, and we use it to make our pizza. And our pizza is better,” said Acworth, referring to [the mosaic production robot] “Arty.”


While the robots are responsible for planting the tiny tiles into place for each sheet that makes up the mosaics, workers concentrate on other areas within the trade, following a rigorous five-step product assurance regiment to make sure not a single tile is out of place.

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