Artaic combines modern technology with an ancient art form to create custom mosaics with fast lead times and more design freedom, making the mosaic medium more sophisticated and accessible.

Artaic custom mosaic projects can be produced directly from a given image, or Artaic artists can create custom imagery, given any inspiration. Artaic designers work with clients to select the ideal material, colors, and techniques for each custom mosaic project. From materials to color and style, Artaic offers unlimited mosaic design freedom and the widest array of tile solutions.

Artaic’s progressive process of designing and fabricating mosaic projects eases the once painful process of custom tile art. Artaic offers:

Inspired Design

Given any inspiration – a fabric swatch, magazine cut-out, photograph, original artwork, hand drawn sketch, or simply a single word – Artaic’s team of professional designers will transform it into a custom mosaic.

Expert Consultation

Artaic’s experienced staff will help you navigate our diverse material selection to fit budget constraints, performance demands, and overall aesthetic of your project.

Iterative Process

Artaic’s unique software enables fast, visually accurate designs. Artaic collaborates with you to achieve your design intent and provide same-day assistance until your concept is approved.

Free Custom Samples

Artaic create project-specific samples and make sure they are in your hands for your big client presentation to ensure your design is approved.

Robotic Manufacturing

Artaic’s exclusive robotic fabrication system assembles custom mosaics with more precision and faster than ever – ensuring your mosaic doesn’t effect project deadlines.

Simplified Installation

Artaic’s precise installation diagrams and labeling techniques enable straight-forward installation, without the need for specialty installers or products. With “Print-to-Fit” technology, Artaic manufacture the exact amount of mosaic needed for the project, reducing installation time, project disruption, materials waste and costs.

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