Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Boston Valley Terra Cotta is an industry leader in architectural terra cotta products for historic restoration and new construction. It is their unique, collaborative approach that has given them so much success. Each project is, essentially, a custom project and we work closely with the historic preservationists, architects, and contractors from the beginning until the successful completion of each restoration or new build.

Boston Valley has several core compentencies:

TerraClad™ Rain Screen

Boston Valley Terra Cotta is the only U.S. manufacturer of a terra cotta rain screen system. Our TerraClad™ product line provides standard and custom solutions in panels, baguettes and louvers. This rain screen system has the potential to contribute toward 10 LEED credits under Optimization of Energy Performance, Recycled Content, Regional Materials, and Construction Waste Management Credits.

West Bristol School

Architectural Terra Cotta

As the United States’ most specialized architectural terra cotta manufacturer, Boston Valley Terra Cotta maintains a team of artisans, architects and engineers committed to craftsmanship, quality and service.

Our approach to production is grounded in creating exceptional architectural terra cotta that withstands severe climates in both restoration and new construction.450 sutter

Guastavino Tile Ceilings

Rafael Guastavino was a Spanish architect, engineer and builder who is most famous for the architectural terra cotta tile vault and arch system that he designed and constructed in the late 1800s. Patented in the United States in 1885, the Guastavino tile system uses layers of terra cotta tiles set in a herringbone pattern in Portland cement. This vault and arch system became very popular in many major U.S. cities because of terra cotta’s non-combustible properties, as well as because of the lesser expense and weight associated with this technology.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta is proud to carry on the legacy of Raphael Guastavino and his vault system. This ancient technology still has a place in today’s arch and vault architecture. Additionally, we have provided Guastavino tiles for the restoration of two of Raphael Guastavino’s famous constructions – the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Terminal and the Queensboro Bridge, both in New York City. Tiles were also provided for restoration projects at the Louisiana State Capitol and West Point Academy’s entry gate moat.

NYC Oyster Bar

Roof Tile Portfolio

Our Grade 1 terra cotta roof tile product line is crafted in a unique array of profiles and colors for restoration, replication or contemporary construction.

roof tile options

Innovative Manufacturing Portfolio

Boston Valley Terra Cotta is a leader in providing innovative solutions for both traditional masonry installed terra cotta projects as well as for our terra cotta rain screen system.



Design Assistance

Boston Valley has a formidable in-house engineering team capable of sophisticated 3D design using the latest software. We consider ourselves to be part of your design team from the beginning of the project and will work closely with designers to ensure the finished product is irreplaceable!

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