George C Scott Studios

George C. Scott Studios specializes in Art Glass design and fabrication as it applies to architectural features, lighting, surfaces and sculpture. We have a thirty plus year history working in residential, restaurant, casino, hotel, and educational facilities. Fabrication techniques include glass blowing, casting, fusing, kiln forming, and associated metal work.

Glass Blowing

A glass-forming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble (or parison), with the aid of a blowpipe. We specialize in both free-blowing and mold blown forms.

Glass Blowing

gcs Octavia at Sunset

Cast (Slump) Glass

The process in which molten glass is cast into a mould where it solidifies. The technique has been used since the Egyptian period to create interesting and unique glass shapes and patterns. We use a variety of processes such as kiln casting, or casting into sand, graphite or metal moulds.

GCS Holly Fixture

Carved Cast Glass

George C Scott Studios has developed a unique process perfect product for large scale feature lighting or back-lit paneling. Shown here are 38mm thick cast glass lamps with deeply carved layers of colored glass. Once they are back-lit the colored glass on the back side shines through exposing the beautiful custom designs and patterns.

GCS Carved Beaver

GCS Carved Thunderbird


Glass Fusing

A process used to join glass pieces together by partly melting the material together. It is important to realize that not all glass can be fused together. If the two colors or materials have differing physical properties they may cool at different rates, breaking the bond. George C Scott Studios can help you develop a fused architectural products correctly using the appropriate to ensure a damage free installation.

gcs amber base


At George C Scott Studios we welcome opportunities to create sculptural pieces of every size and dimension. We have supported the Pratt Fine Arts, Pilchuck Glass School and JDRF auctions with donations of our sculptural pieces over the years. We can help you turn your vision into reality using a wide variety of materials and fabrication techniques.  Our sculptures can be found in galleries and private collections around the country. We welcome commissions and custom work; please feel free to contact us to discuss your glass sculpture project.

gcs crescent

Associated Metal Work

We can assist you to design and can fabricate necessary metal mounting components to showcase the finished product. Please contact us to discuss your next project today!

gcs wall

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