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Carved Cast Glass by George C. Scott Studios

GCS thunderbird


Asgard Associates is proud to offer a new line of carved cast glass products particularly suited to custom lighting applications. Shown here are 38mm thick cast glass lamps with deeply carved layers of colored glass. In these photos, George C. Scott Studios is incorporating Native American designs. However, this type of lighting can be done on a grand scale with custom specific designs and patterns. One could imagine some very compelling Islamic patterns using the same concept. Take a look at more of their excellent work here!


GCS beaver

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Bendheim Introduces KOVA Series for Partition Walls


The “KOVA for Bendheim” Collection is the latest addition to Bendheim’s extensive selection of safety laminated decorative architectural glass, creating new possibilities for dividing interior spaces.

Inspired by the sparkling beauty of hand-cut crystalware, the Collection features five woven textiles, ranging from contemporary deco lace to wispy tulle, with touches of soft white, black, and bronze hues. The laminated glass provides varying degrees of privacy, depending on the textile design, and offers daylighting benefits, allowing for energy savings and enhanced occupant comfort. To further benefit the space, the specialty glass can improve sound attenuation performance by four points, to STC of 35 or better, when compared to similar monolithic glass, contributing to quieter environments and a greater sense of comfort and privacy.

The KOVA for Bendheim Collection is well suited for interior walls and partitions, doors, stair railings, balustrades, and ceilings. It can be customized with a virtually unlimited palette of translucent and opaque colors, including metallic hues, for a sparkling, dressed-up look.

KOVA textiles are manufactured in the U.S. using environmentally responsible materials and processes. Bendheim’s lamination method neither employs nor produces hazardous chemicals, and its paint process utilizes specialty coatings minimizing VOC emissions and resulting in an environmentally friendly and safe product.

The Collection is available in ¼” (6.35mm) thickness in sheets up to 60” x 120” (1524mm x 3048mm). Larger sizes and additional thicknesses are available on request.

Artaic Featured in Boston Magazine

Artaic’s stock of mosaic raw materials


Artaic has a wonderful feature article in Boston Magazine this month. Here’s an excerpt:

By creating its own technology to perform some of the most complicated aspects of the creation process, Artaic is breaking the mold that contemporary mosaic-building companies fall back on. “If you go out and open a pizza store, you go out and buy an oven. But we designed and built our own custom oven, and it’s faster, better, cheaper, and we use it to make our pizza. And our pizza is better,” said Acworth, referring to [the mosaic production robot] “Arty.”


While the robots are responsible for planting the tiny tiles into place for each sheet that makes up the mosaics, workers concentrate on other areas within the trade, following a rigorous five-step product assurance regiment to make sure not a single tile is out of place.

Be sure to read the entire article here!

Bendheim Magnetic Glass Markerboard

Board-blackBendheim offers high-quality glass magnetic markerboard that boasts considerably better magnetic adhesion than most other manufacturers. White, black and custom colors are available in single sided or double sided material.

Some of the features for this product include:

  • Architectural Record Product Reports “Top Pick” in the specialties category
  • Durable glass surfaces
  • No ghosting or permanent staining
  • Powerful magnetic glass – please use with rare earth magnets
  • Single or dual sided
  • Sizes up to 1524mm x 2286mm (60” x 96”) maximum dimensions typical

Artaic Demonstrates Their Groundbreaking Mosaic Manufacturing Process


Watch the video above to better understand Artaic’s groundbreaking manufacturing process. The video takes you through all stages of the process first in creating the digital design, then selecting the material and controlling it for quality, next we see the robotic assembly, then mounting and dry-lay and finally packaging for final installation.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to drop us a note!

Asgard Associates unveils new Facebook page

Asgard Associates is happy to announce our new facebook page is fully operational. It features extensive images of Artaic’s and Bendheim’s completed projects, product samples, demonstration videos and occasional news on projects in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and India. Be sure to visit and “like” us today!